10 Lines On Marigold Flower In English For Children And Students

10 Lines On Marigold Flower In English Hey, Are you looking for a 10-line essay on marigolds? here we have the three 10 lines essays about the marigold flower. The three essays below are based on the comprehension level of the various age groups. Find essays that are suited for you and start reading. Read all three essays if you want to learn a lot about the Marigold.

10 Lines On Marigold Flower In English

10 Lines On Marigold Flower In English For Children And Students

These essays contain ample information about the marigold flowers including their shape, colour, scientific classification, uses, etc.

Marigold is a common genus name for different flowers with vibrant colours. These beautiful flowers have several benefits in medicines, perfumes, and food. The pom-pom-shaped marigold flowers are highly used for decorations in different cultural events in India. These flowers can last longer thus it is also used as a cut flower.

Keep reading further to know more about the marigold flower.

Set 1] 10 lines on the Marigold flower for kids:

1] The marigold is a common genus of different flowers with different shapes and colours.

2] The marigold flower is founded in different colours that include orange, yellow, red, gold, etc.

3] The size of the marigold flowers varies over species, some of the varieties of flowers are 2 to 3 inches in diameter while African marigolds are the largest among all species.

4] Some marigold flower has few petals while some have numerous petals that form a pom-pom shape.

5] The marigold is also an edible flower.

6] The marigold flower is considered a symbol of positive energy and good luck.

7] Marigold petals can be eaten in different foods including tea, different soups, drinks, etc.

8] Marigold has elongated leaves with serrated margins that are approximately 2-3 inches longer.

9] The marigold flowers attract insects like beetles and honey bees.

10] Marigold flower can last for one or two weeks thus it is also used as cut flowers.

Set 2] 10 lines on the Marigold flower for school students:

1] Marigold flower is also cultivated as a companion plant in vegetable farms to protect veggies from pests.

2] These flowers are native to the subtropical regions of America.

3] The marigold flowers are used for many religious functions in Hinduism.

4] The height of the plants of marigold varies over different species with average height ranging between 4 inches to 7 feet.

5] The blooming period of the marigold last from spring to fall seasons.

6] African marigolds and French marigolds are varieties of marigolds cultivated most commonly in India.

7] The marigold grows well in warm weather with the quickly drained moist soil.

8] French marigold is a most common variety of marigold that is easy to grow.

9] Dried marigolds are also used in poultry farms as feed to chickens.

10] Marigold flowers are used in the perfume industry for extracting an essential oil used for perfumes.

Set 3] 10 lines on the Marigold flower for college students:

1] Marigold indicated a group of species of flowering plants with the genus name Tagetes.

2] In scientific classification, it belongs to the order Asterales and the family of Asteraceae.

3] The marigold includes over 50 different species of flowers.

4] Tagetes erecta commonly known as African marigold is a species of marigold with large size flowers. These marigolds are also known as giant marigolds.

5] Tagetes tenuifolia also known as a Signet marigold is the species of marigold with the smallest flowers.

6] Top cultivators and exporters of marigold flowers are India, Thailand, and China.

7] The marigold requires insects for pollination while sometimes pollination is carried by the wind.

8] The petals of marigolds are also used as a natural colouring agent in different foods.

9] Marigold flowers are much popular in India; Indian people use these flowers in different functions for decorations and worship.

10] Some of the popular varieties of the marigold are Mary Helen, Mandarin, Tangerine Nosento Limegreen, Red Cherry.

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