10 Lines On Honey Bee In English For Children And Students

10 Lines On Honey Bee In English Are you finding an essay on the most useful insect, the honey bee? Here you will get 3 different essays on honey bees. These essays are written for different age groups of students. Each essay is fed with info about the honey bees in different aspects like their appearance, habitat, diet, use, reproduction, etc. Choose the right set of essays for you and start reading.

10 Lines On Honey Bee In English

10 Lines On Honey Bee In English For Children And Students

Honey bees are small insects that live in larger groups in their nests called hives. These small insects are considered top pollinators responsible for pollination in more than 50% of crops in the world. Honey is another reason why they are world famous. These bees collect nectar from the flowers and convert it into honey using some enzymes.

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Set 1] 10 Lines on the honey bee for Kids:

1] Honey bee is a flying insect well known for providing quality food, Honey.

2] Honey bee has yellowish colour with brown bands.

3] Honey bee has 6 legs 5 eyes, and 4 wings. It has two larger eyes and three smaller ones known as Ocelli.

4] Honey bees rely on nectar and pollen on flowers for their diet.

5] The honey bee sucks nectar from flowers with the help of a proboscis which acts as a straw for them.

6] Honey bees build their nest on branches, roofs, tree cavities, etc.

7] Each nest contains one queen bee, a few drones, and thousands of workers.

8] The queen bee is responsible for laying eggs and also responsible to keep the whole colony together.

9] The queen bee is double longer in comparison with the worker bee around 2 cm longer.

10] The honey bee can fly with an average speed of 24 Kmph.

Set 2] 10 Lines on the honey bee for school students:

1] Honey bee is a state insect of North Carolina, a state in the USA.

2] Honey bee farming is one of the profitable businesses.

3] The worldwide honey production is more than 1.7 billion metric tons while Japan and China are the most consumers of honey in the world.

4] Honey bees are found in regions where flowers are abundant.

5] Each hive of honey bees can contain over 60,000 total bees that include queen bees, drones, and worker bees.

6] Honey bee queen is responsible for reproduction; it mates once in life and continuously lays eggs over its remaining life.

7] The eggs of the honey bee get hatched within three days. The larva from this egg spins a cocoon around him and then emerges as an adult bee.

8] China has the first rank for honey production followed by Turkey, Iran, and Argentina.

9] Cantauri honey is considered the most expensive honey made by collecting nectar from medicinal herbs.

10] During a bite, honey bees insert a stinge into the skin, and the sting venom can cause swelling around the sting area.

Set 3] 10 Lines on the honey bee for college students:

1] The honey bee has the scientific name Apis mellifera.

2] In scientific classification it belongs to the order Hymenoptera and family Apidae.

3] Some of the well-known species of the Honey bee are Apis cerena, Apis Dorsata, and Apis florea.

4] Some of the plants used for bee farming are Bee balm, white wild indigo, Black-eyed susan, and Marsh blazing star.

5] Honey bee are herbivorous and acts as primary consumer in their food chain.

6] Some of the predators of honey bees are ants, birds, and praying mantes.

7] Giant honey bee is the species with the largest honey bees while Apis florea is the species with the smallest honey bee.

8] The lifespan of a worker honey bee is around 30 to 60 days while the queen can live up to 1 or 2 years.

9] The period from laying eggs to adult bees is around 20 days.

10] A single honey bee can collect 1 tablespoon of honey over its lifetime.

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