10 Lines On Dowry System In English For Children And Students

Are you searching for 10 Lines On Dowry System In English, We have shared lot of information for three category level students, for kid, school, Higher Class student as per their understanding level. We have provided all necessary information about Dowry System in simple and easy language which will help you in easily understand and remember. just check it, you will get lot of information about lines of Dowry System.

10 Lines On Dowry System In English

10 Lines On Dowry System In English For Children And Students

The dowry was the gift from parents to their daughter at the time of marriage. The intention is to make their daughter financially stable. And to increase her social status. But Some people started taking advantage of that system. They started demanding expensive thins and money from bride’s parents. Now it become basis of lot ofcrimes in society. The lot of organization’s taking steps for public awareness among peoples. Let’s find more information about dowry system.

Set 1 – 10 Lines On Dowry System In English for the Kids

  1. Dowry is the gift given to the girl by parents at the time of marriage.
  2. The intention behind starting dowry system was simple.
  3. But today groom and his family demand expensive gadgets, jewellery and money from bride’s family.
  4. The new dowry system is become a bigger social problem.
  5. Today marriage is like opportunity of income for groom’s family.
  6. Now it has become primary condition for marriage, If the demand of dowry is fulfilled then only permissions is given for marriage.
  7. This is also one reason why the people started hating baby girls.
  8. The bride’s family take loans for fulfilling demands of dowry.
  9. Now the girls become burden for her family and their families started hating them.
  10. Dowry is a punishable crime in our nation. today The People who demands for dowry will get punishment of 5 years imprisonment and penalty of 15000 rupee. But still dowry is taken from bride’s family.

Set 2 – 10 Lines On Dowry System In English for the School Students

  1. The dowry system was established to ensure that the bride would be financially secure after her marriage.
  2. Now The dowry is the big crime done by grooms family at the time of marriage.
  3. The some girls remained unmarried as their families are not financially able to pay dowry.
  4. And some parents and girls does suicide because of this dowry system.
  5. Even after marriage the groom’s family beat and abuses bride for more dowry.
  6. Dowry is without a doubt a source of violence.
  7. It must be expelled from our country.
  8. Various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have elevated the problem through raising public awareness.
  9. In 1961 the indian government has passed anti dowry act to prevent dowry system.
  10. But still people not report the crime of dowry against groom’s family.

Set 3 – 10 Lines On Dowry System In English for the Higher Class Students

  1. The intention of dowry is to make bride financially stable. And it was given to bride not to the groom’s family.
  2. But now it has become biggest social problem as the groom’s family started to fulfill their wishes because of dowry system.
  3. It become ugly truth of our indian society.
  4. The father of bride starts to save money from the childhood of bride. and he pays his total life savings as a dowry.
  5. If still grooms families are not satisfied he takes loan which is impossible to repay in his remaining life.
  6. Even after marriage The families of groom torture the brides family.
  7. Some people does crimes, corruption for collecting money for dowry.
  8. Because of this reason people started hating girls. Even they don’t want girl as their child. Girls are considered as burden on father.
  9. Hence the people wants boys as their child. So that they can demand for dowry at the time of his marriage.
  10. The governments are struggling to remove this system from our society. But still dowry is taken from bride parents.

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