10 Lines On Magnolia Flower In English For Children And Students

10 Lines On Magnolia Flower In English Searching for an essay on a Magnolia flower? Here are three different 10-line essays on the beautiful magnolia flower. These three sets are written for three different age groups of students.

10 Lines On Magnolia Flower In English

10 Lines On Magnolia Flower In English For Children And Students

Each of the sets is fed with different interesting information about the Magnolia flower. It covers different aspects like its appearance, colours, different species, uses, interesting facts, and more. Start reading a suitable essay for you or read all three sets for getting more information about the magnolia flower.

Magnolia is a common genus for more than 200 species of flowering plants. The various species of magnolia has a variety of colours, size, and shapes. The elegant colour and shape are a great attraction for these flowers.

Continue reading the essays to know more about the magnolia flower.

Set 1] 10 Lines on the magnolia flower for kids:

1] Magnolia are cup-shaped flowers with a soothing fragrance.

2] These flowers have a variety of colours that includes white, purple, pink, yellow, etc.

3] The size of flowers of magnolia varies over species that ranges between 3 to 12 inches in diameter.

4] Magnolia typically has 12 petals and 3 sepals.

5] The petals of a magnolia flower are edible; people prefer to use these raw petals in salad.

6] As per the belief of people from the United States, the magnolia is a symbol of stability.

7] The magnolia petals have a ginger-like flavour, thus used as an ingredient in different cuisines.

8] This tree has oval-shaped leaves that are 12 to 20 cm long.

9] This flower attracts insects like Bees, bumblebees, flies, etc.

10] The Yunlanm is a tea in Japan made by using the petals of a magnolia.

Set 2] 10 Lines on the magnolia flower for school students:

1] The magnolia flowers have petals arranged in two to three series.

2] The magnolias are considered native to the regions of East Asia, and northern and Southern America.

3] The magnolia is considered a state flower of Mississippi, a constituent state of the USA.

4] The height of a tree of magnolia can reach over 60 to 80 feet.

5] The bloom season for this flower falls within months from March to April.

6] There are more than 25 species of magnolia present in India that includes Magnolia gustavii, Magnolia nilagirica, Magnolia pleiocarpa, Magnolia pealiana, etc.

7] For cultivation magnolia requires fast-drained and moist soil and warmer weather with adequate water supply.

8] Some of the most famous species of magnolia are Magnolia grandiflora, Magnolia virginiana, Magnolia liliiflora, Magnolia macrophylla, and saucer Magnolia.

9] The extract of the magnolia flowers is used for different skin care treatments.

10] The cut flowers of magnolia last for several days, hence used in a cut flowers business.

Set 3] 10 Lines on the magnolia flower for college students:

1] Magnolia itself a scientific name that indicates a genus that covers a different category of flowering plants.

2] These belong to the order Magnoliales and the family of Magnoliaceae.

3] It is a common name for more than 200 species of flowering plants.

4] Bigleaf magnolia is the species with the largest size of flowers.

5] Baby Doll or mini magnolia is the species of magnolia with the smallest flowers.

6] Magnolia is used for curing different medical conditions like headache, digestion, inflammation, weight loss, stress, fever, etc.

7] Some species of magnolia have the threat of loss of habitat due to the high conversion of agricultural land.

8] The different magnolia species are spread over the countries in East and South Asia, Central, and Northern America, etc.

9] Magnolia grandiflora is well known and most common species of magnolia.

10] Bloom of the magnolia flower typically lasts for more than 14 days thus also used as a cut flower.

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