10 Lines On Pet Cat In English For Children And Students

Are you kid, school or Higher Class student, looking for10 Lines On Pet Cat In English, then just check it, We have providedthree sets about Lines on Pet cat in simple and easy language which will help you in easily understand and remember. Hope you will like it.

10 Lines On Pet Cat In English

10 Lines On Pet Cat In English For Children And Students

Set 1 – 10 Lines On Pet Cat In English

  1. My pet name is ‘Ozzy’ and she is cat.
  2. She is Black in color and her eyes are very shiny.
  3. She has two soft ears, long bushy tail and a two bright blue eyes. She is very cute and she likes to play in water.
  4. Ozzy is my best friend. I always like to play games with her.
  5. Now she is 3 years old. We purchased it from Banglore 2 years ago. Hence from 2 years she is living with my family.
  6. Ozzy likes to eat fish, fruits and drinks milk.
  7. She is very clever since she never forgets what i teached her.
  8. Ozzy is afraid of water and dislikes bathing, so I gently brush her.
  9. When me and friends are playing cricket, Ozzy helps us for finding ball and bring ball from long distance.
  10. On every sunday my friends are come to play with Ozzy. She is also like to play with them.

Set 2 –10 Lines On Pet Cat In English

  1. I have a pet cat whoes name is ‘Oliver’. She is very beautiful.
  2. Oliver is clean and very friendly with everyone and she is 2 years old now.
  3. Her color is white with black color patches on her entire body. She likes to bath on everyday.
  4. She is my best friend and she climbs tree very fast.
  5. I always like to play with her. She is very kind.
  6. Oliver likes to eat fish, rice and milk.
  7. I remember when she first times comes to our home. She was my gift from my mother.
  8. Oliver is very smart and lovely. And she likes to sleep with me on my bed.
  9. She is special for me and now she becames our family member.
  10. Oliver is sleep around 6 to 7 hours per day.

Set 3 – 10 Lines On Pet Cat In English

  1. I have my pet who is Cat and his name is ‘Milo’ and She is very calm in nature.
  2. Milo is so lovely and cute. Me and my sister are always like to play games with her.
  3. She is brown in color with blue color eyes.
  4. She stays in my bed with me and frequently assists me in waking up early.
  5. Milo is very cute and playful. She follows my all orders.
  6. She is like to drink milk and cat foods and biscuits. I always like to spend time with her.
  7. She likes to playing, jumping, running. She is enjoys whe playing with ball.
  8. Whenever i sit for snacks, she comes near me then i share snacks with her.
  9. Me and Dad are always goes to Morning walk and evening walk with Milo.
  10. Now she is our family member, our family is bonded with her.

Therefore this are the 10 Lines On Pet Cat In English we shared in three different sets for students. This you can use for your essay writing, project work, homework, speech, exam preparation wherever needed.

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