10 Lines On My Teacher In English For Children And Students

Are you searching for 10 Lines On My Teacher In English, We have shared lot of information for three category level students, for kid, school, Higher Class student as per their understanding level. We have provided all necessary information about My teacher in simple and easy language which will help you in easily understand and remember. just check it, you will get lot of information about lines on My teacher.

10 Lines On My Teacher In English

10 Lines On My Teacher In English For Children And Students

In today’s life the importance of education is more. To remain in the world of competition we should have better skill and knowledge. The teacher is one who prepare us in every aspect. He takes great efforts to teach us. Here are some examples of essay on teacher. Let’s read more about it.

Set 1 – 10 Lines On My Teacher In English for the Kids

  1. Mr Patil sir is my favourite teacher among all my teachers.
  2. Sir teaches us maths and english. He is expert in his subjects.
  3. Sir teaches us in a easy language so we can understand easily. He also study the topics before the lecture in our class.
  4. Sir explains the concepts repeatedly until the every student in the class can understand.
  5. He is strict in discipline but behave friendly while his lecture.
  6. He conducts class test after every chapter to check our understanding. This technique prepare us for our exams.
  7. He never scold or beat students. He punish the students by giving extra homework.
  8. He is favourite teacher of whole class for his teaching style.
  9. No one student wants to miss his lecture because of his great teaching method.
  10. He is also studying for his higher education. He always try to become better.

Set 2 – 10 Lines On My Teacher In English for the School Students

  1. Mrs Patil is my favourite teacher in whole school.
  2. She had completed MA and M.ed. and she had joined our school 5 years before.
  3. She teach us history and civics.
  4. She takes more effort to teach us on projector by preparing power point slides for better understanding.
  5. She also give us a notes in easy language as per exam point of view.
  6. Before our final exam she take revision of our syllabus and solve our queries.
  7. She is also good anchor. She host our cultural programs sports etc.
  8. She always helps to slow learner students by teaching them extra time.
  9. She also takes mathematics classes of poor students at free of cost.
  10. She is very hardworking and dedicated professional.

Set 3 – 10 Lines On My Teacher In English for the Higher Class Students

  1. We have lot of experienced teachers with expertise in their subject.
  2. But among all Mr. Patil sir made great impact on us.
  3. He has best teaching skill, he explain the concepts by giving different examples.
  4. Instead of giving homework he takes pen paper test at end of every week on the syllabus taught in complete week. He think this is better way to check our understanding.
  5. He also takes more efforts on practicals. He believes practicals are best way to clear concepts.
  6. We all never miss his class. Before exam he takes extra morning lectures for our revisions.
  7. He always tries to give more information about every topic. He prepare us well for our final exams.
  8. Even he encouraged us for participating in inter-school sports. Because of him I have got state level certificate for running.
  9. Along with studies they had helped us to choose our future goal. He had taken seminar for us on “what after 10th” . His guidance helped us to decide our career goals.
  10. He always tries to give his best to the students.

So friends, Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve understood all mentioned above. Therefore this are the 10 Lines On My Teacher In English we shared for three different category students which will help you to briefly know about My teacher. You can use this for your essay writing, project work, homework, speech and exam preparation wherever needed.

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