10 Lines On Bhopal In English For Children And Students

Are you in search of the 10 Lines On Bhopal In English, then just read this article. We have provided all necessary and significant information in three category levels that means for Kid, for school students as well as for Higher school students. We have shared depth of knowledge with lucid language about Bhopal just check it, which will help to get more knowledge about that in simple way.

10 Lines On Bhopal In English

10 Lines On Bhopal In English For Children And Students

Bopal is the Indian city which is located in the State of Madhya pradesh. Its area is 463 km2 as well as Population of the Bhopal city is 1,798,218. Let’s read more about Bhopal.

Set 1 – 10 Lines On Bhopal In English for the Kids

  1. Bhopal is located in the Madhya pradesh state.
  2. Bhopal is founded by the Sardar Dost Mohammed Khan.
  3. It is also the capital of the Madhya pradesh state.
  4. The area covered by the Bhopal city is 463 kilometre square.
  5. It is also known as the City of river.
  6. Commonly peoples in Bhopal uses Hindi language.
  7. The population density of the Bhopal is 3,887 per kilometre square.
  8. It is one of the Indian smart city under the leadership of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India.
  9. Alok Sharma is the current Mayor at the Bhopal.
  10. For the continuous three years, bhopal was the regarded as the cleanest state in the country.

Set 2 – 10 Lines On Bhopal In English for the School Students

  1. Bhopal is located in the state of Madhya pradesh and It is located at 168.1 kilometre distance from the Indore city.
  2. The population of the Bhopal city is 1,798,218 as well as the population density of the Bhopal is 3,887 peoples per kilometre square.
  3. There are many areas includes in the Bhopal such are Bangrasia, Pallavi Nagar, Arera Hills, Kham Kheda, Firdous Nagar etc.
  4. In 1984, The Large Gas leaks accident happened in the UCIL plant at Bhopal, At that time the Methyl isocyanate gas was inhaled with over 500,000 persons. It is the one of the the world’s worst industrial disasters. There are causes 3,787 peoples deaths as well as 574,366 peoples injured.
  5. In Bhopal, people celebrate many cultural festivals with joyfully including Diwali Festival, Bharat Bhavan Summer, Lokrang, Ijtima, Ram, Navami, Dhrupad Samaroh, National Drama Festival etc.
  6. There are many attractive tourist places in the Bhopal like Udayagiri Caves, Shaukat Mahal, Lower Lake, Sanchi Stupa, Bhimbetka Caves, Upper Lake etc.
  7. Bhopal is famous for the many Street delicious popular dishes such are Beverages, Bhopali Paan, Keema pulav, Bafla , Biryani Pilaf, Roghan Josh etc.
  8. The historical places in the Bhopal are Raisen Fort, Rani Kamlapati Palace, Birla Museum, Shaukat Mahal & Sadar Manzil, Bhimbetka Caves which are popular tourist attraction.
  9. The Highly rated educational universities in the Bhopal are LNCT University, Barkatullah University, Jagran Lakecity University, Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University etc.
  10. The bhopal has many transport facility availables which are Buses, Railway and Airport. NH46 and NH146 National highways are connects the Bhopal to the other Indian cities. The
    Metro facility in the Bhopal is currently under the Construction.

Set 3 – 10 Lines On Bhopal In English for the Higher Class Students

  1. Bhopal city is located near Indore city and The area covered by the Bhopal city is 463 kilometre square.
  2. There are Best and top rated schools are in the Bhopal some are Billabong High International School, Delhi Public School, IES Public School, Campion School, Bairagarh etc.
  3. The famous popular hotels in the bhopal city are Courtyard by Marriott, FabExpress Naman Palace, Hotel Adarsh Palace, Jehan Numa Palace which are provides the best services to the Customer.
  4. Upper Lake or also knows as the Bhojtal is the famous tourist attraction lake in the Bhopal. It is situated on the Madhya pradesh western side. It also provides drinkable water.
  5. Rani Kamlapati Palace is the popular historical place in the Bhopal. It is located onto the Bhopal’s smaller and larger lakenbridge.
  6. Raghuram Rajan, Shankar Dayal Sharma, Najma Heptulla, Kailash Chandra Joshi are some notable peoples which are from the Bhopal city.
  7. There are two stadiums are located in the Bhopal first one is Aishbagh Stadium which is Hockey stadium and another one is TT Nagar Stadium which is multi-purpose stadium in the Bhopal.
  8. The near Airport to the Bhopal city is Raja Bhoj International Airport which is at 28 Kilometre from the Bhopal.
  9. Since about 2017, Bhopal generates 310 millions of litre per day of wastewater daily, of which about 50 millions of litre per day is handled in the city’s seven wastewater treatment plants, each with an 80 millions of litre per day capacity.
  10. MP Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company. Ltd., the state’s central discom, distributes electricity to the Bhopal.

So, thank you for reading this, and I hope you understand everything I’ve said thus far. Finally, these are the 10 Lines On Bhopal In English that we provided for three distinct types of students in order to help you obtain a basic knowledge of the Bhopal city. You can take this information for your Academic writing, projects, schoolwork, presentations, and exam preparation.

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