10 lines On Balsam Flower In English For Children And Students

10 lines On Balsam Flower In English Are you searching for a 10-line essay on a balsam flower? Here we had written three different sets of 10-line essays on a balsam flower for the three different age groups of students. Each set is fed with interesting information about the balsam flower including its habitat, appearance, blooming season, pollination, etc.

10 lines On Balsam Flower In English

10 lines On Balsam Flower In English For Children And Students

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Balsam is a flowering plant with different attractive shapes and a variety of vibrant colours. This beautiful flower also offers many medicinal advantages and is also used as an ingredient for making healthy cuisines. People love to cultivate this elegant flowering plant to decorate their gardens and homes.

Keep reading further to know many interesting facts about the balsam flower.

Set 1] 10 lines on the Balsam flower for kids:

1] Balsam is a cup-shaped flower that comes with different vibrant colours.

2] The balsam has a variety of colours that includes pink, yellow, orange, white, violet, etc.

3] The name Impatiens balsamina indicates ‘Impatient for Love’.

4] These flowers typically have 5 petals and 3 sepals.

5] The flowers and seeds of the balsam flowers are edible.

6] The fully bloomed flowers have petals longer than 2 inches.

7] The raw flowers of balsam are used in salads while the seeds are used for making delicious curry.

8] The leaves of balsam are elliptical in shape and 1.5-2 inches long.

9] These flowers attract insects like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

10] The flowers of balsam are used as an ingredient for making wines.

Set 2] 10 lines on the Balsam flower for school students:

1] This flowering plant grows in tropical and subtropical regions and especially grows well in locations with full sunlight.

2] The balsam flowers are considered native to the countries India and Myanmar.

3] The balsam is a fast-growing plant that easily germinates and reaches blooming in just 2 months.

4] The height of the plant varies over species and generally ranges between 8 inches to 30 inches.

5] The flowers of balsam are used to cure burns, by applying a paste of flower over the burn portion.

6] Some people use the juice of the leaves of balsam as a remedy to treat snakebites.

7] The well-drained moist soil and warmer weather are ideal conditions for the cultivation of Balsam.

8] Rose balsam is the well-known and most common species of the balsam flower.

9] The balsam grows from seed to flowering plant in just 60 days.

10] Women from Korea use balsam flowers to traditionally colour their nails.

Set 3] 10 lines on the Balsam flower for college students:

1] The Balsam flower has the scientific name of Impatiens balsamina.

2] The flower belongs to the order Ericales and the family of Balsaminaceae.

3] Balsam has more than 300 species that include thousands of varieties.

4] The plant is cultivated by using its seeds that takes typically four to five days to germinate.

5] Impatiens parviflora also known as a small balsam has a small flower.

6] Bloom period of the balsam falls into the spring and fall seasons.

7] The pollination in this plant is carried by the insects like bees, butterflies, etc. These plants have seed capsules that get burst to spread the seeds in a wider region.

8] mount emei balsam is a threatened species of balsam.

9] People also prefer balsam flowers of different colours to decorate their gardens and homes.

10] Some of the popular species of Balsam are Impatiens balsamina, Impatiens balfourii, Himalayan balsam, touch-me-not balsam, Balsam fir, etc.

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