10 Lines On Animal In English For Children And Students

10 Lines On Animal In English Friends, Are you looking for the 10 lines essay on Animals? Let’s check the below three sets of essays fed with information in different aspects. The different sets are based on the understanding levels of the different students. Choose a set that is suitable for you or read all three sets for getting more info about the topic.

10 Lines On Animal In English

10 Lines On Animal In English For Children And Students

This 10-line essay includes different kinds of information about animals, including their habitats, features, examples, types, and different interesting facts.

Animals are living creatures on the earth other than plants. These are considered to be multicellular and consists of eucaryotic cell structure. Approximately there are more than a few million animal species spread over the different regions of the world.

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Set 1] 10 Lines on Animals for Children:

1] Animals are the living beings on the earth except for Plants.

2] All animals eat, respirate, and drink for their survival.

3] They can move from one position to another position.

4] Typically animals have sensory organs like us.

5] As per the scientific classification, all animals belong to the Kingdom Animalia.

6] Based on the habitats they can be classified as terrestrial, aquatic, amphibians, and aerial.

7] The animals can’t prepare their food as a plant does.

8] The animals depend on plants or other animals for their food.

9] Humans domesticate different species of animals like cows, buffalo, dogs, bulls, donkeys, etc.

10] Domesticated animals help in the work or give some kind of yield to the humans.

Set 2] 10 Lines on Animals for school students:

1] All animals on the planet belongs to the Kingdom Animalia.

2] It includes all terrestrial, aerial, and also aquatic animals like fishes and turtles, etc.

3] The animals all share the ability to move independently from one location to another, which is known as locomotion.

4] Animals have the role of consumers in the food chain. Each species of animal is necessary to maintain the ecosystem balance.

5] The animals are considered heterotrophic means they can not prepare their food through photosynthesis.

6] The animals can be classified based on different criteria, such as habitats, body structure, diets, mode of reproduction, etc.

7] Based on their diet they are classified as herbivores (Eats plants), carnivores (Eats meat), and omnivores (Eats both plants and meat).

8] Cows, buffalo, and elephants are herbivores, tigers, and lions are carnivores, and rats, bears, and raccoons are omnivores.

9] Of all animals, the blue whale is the largest and heaviest animal on the planet.

10] Most animals produce their offspring by sexual reproduction while some of them create offspring by asexual reproduction.

Set 3] 10 Lines on Animals for college students:

1] The animals are said to be a multicellular organism with eucaryotic cell structure and belongs to the Kingdom Animalia.

2] Birds, fishes, snails, and humans are all examples of animals.

3] There are around 8 million species of animals present on the earth.

4] Based on the method of birth the animals are classified as Oviparous and Viviparous. Oviparous animals give birth by laying eggs while viviparous animals give live birth.

5] Like humans other animals also have a sensory organ and a neural system to sens.

6] One of the most common features of animals is respiration, oxygen is necessary for the animals to convert food into energy.

7] Based on the different weather conditions on the earth, the species of animals are distributed over the world.

8] Humans use many animals for getting yields like milk, eggs, and meat, to assist in work, and for entertainment.

9] Animals have different organ systems for performing different functions in their body such as Digestive System, Nervous System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System, etc.

10] Humans are considered to be the most intelligent animals in the world followed by dolphins, Ravens, Chimpanzees, Pigs, etc.

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