10 Lines On Social Media In English For Children And Students

Are you searching for 10 Lines On Social Media In English, We have shared lot of information for three category level students, for kid, school, Higher Class student as per their understanding level. We have provided all necessary information about Social Media in simple and easy language which will help you in easily understand and remember.

10 Lines On Social Media In English

10 Lines On Social Media In English For Children And Students

just check it, you will get lot of information about lines on Social Media. Social media is great platform to connect with people all around the world. It has a different mediums like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Within a minute we can connect to our loved peoples. It is a great platform to make a new friends. Let’s read more about social media.

Set 1 – 10 Lines On Social Media In English for the Kids

  1. Social media is the key mode of communication in today’s globe.
  2. It has much platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.
  3. It is a platform which connects all peoples together.
  4. We can made our friend circle on the social media. We can connect to our old friends too.
  5. We can make new friends on social media from foreign countries also.
  6. At a time we can stay connected with more peoples.
  7. There are some groups which provides health information,it becomes very helpful.
  8. News channels are also active on social media platforms.
  9. We can share our memories within our friend circle, which will be visible to our friends.
  10. The overuse of social media is not safe for us. Sometime it become habit to use social network which waste our valuable time.

Set 2 – 10 Lines On Social Media In English for the School Students

  1. Social media is a wonderful platform for promoting your company and products.
  2. With the arrival of social media, the economy has reached unprecedented heights.
  3. People are abandoning newspapers in favour of social media as a source of information.
  4. The social media allows you to stay up to date on anyone or anything from anywhere on the planet.
  5. The use of social media to enhance political awareness is a powerful strategy.
  6. We’ll be able to communicate with our area’s political representative.
  7. From any location on the earth, we can acquire any type of information and communicate with our loved ones.
  8. It has simplified education, knowledge, and learning.
  9. Individuals get pleasure in travelling all over the place on social media, which resembles a virtual reality.
  10. It has its negative impacts as well. It has given rise to hatred,and loneliness. If we avoid dark sides of social media it is a good platform which helps us and connects us with our relatives.

Set 3 – 10 Lines On Social Media In English for the Higher Class Students

  1. Currently social media is the great platform to connect people worldwide. It also has increased job opportunities in IT field.
  2. There are lot of social locales and applications which runs on a PC also on Smartphone like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram.
  3. The people who had not meet each other for long time, they can connect each other within a minute.
  4. Celebrities also use this platform to connect with their fans.
  5. It is also a great platform for marketing of you own business, and it is a cheapest way of marketing.
  6. The coin has second side also hence it also has some disadvantages.
  7. The main disadvantage is wasting of time, Lot of people are using this platform continuously without any reason.
  8. The youngsters are very addicted to this platform. The future of nation depends on this generation.
  9. Sometimes fraud peoples use this platform to cheat people by spreading fake job opportunities, fake lottery news etc.
  10. It is our duty to take only good things and avoid bad impacts which will help us to use this platforms effectively.

So friends, Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve understood all mentioned above. Therefore this are the 10 lines on Social Media we shared for three different category students which will help you to briefly know about Social Media. You can use this for your essay writing, project work, homework, speech and exam preparation wherever needed.

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