10 lines On Rose In English For Children And Students

10 lines On Rose In English Are you looking for an essay about the most beautiful rose flower? Three separate 10-line essays about the beautiful rose flower are provided below. These three essays were made for various student age groups.

10 lines On Rose In English

10 lines On Rose In English For Children And Students

Several fascinating facts about the rose flower are included in each of the essays. It discusses a wide range of aspects, such as its shape, colours, well-known species, uses, and more. Start reading the essay that is suitable for you, or read all three sets to have a deeper understanding of the rose flowers.

The rose is the world’s most beloved and famous flower. It’s an elegant shape and vibrant colours are the great attractions of this flower. The flower also has a different fragrance that varies based on the species. The rose is very significant in many areas, including poetry, literature, culture, food, beauty, and medicine.

Let’s read more about the rose flower in the following essays.

Set 1] 10 Lines on Rose for Kids:

1] The rose is a cupped or bowl-shaped flower with attractive colours.

2] The shape and shades of the rose varies over the species.

3] It has 20 to 40 rounded petals and leaflike 5 sepals.

4] The different species of roses have a variety of colours that are Red, yellow, white, Orange, light to dark Pink, green, Lavender, etc.

5] Generally the rose flower is considered as a symbol of beauty, love, passion, and devotion. While the different colours of the rose also symbolize different meanings.

6] The size of the rose among different species can range from 0.5 inches to 7 inches.

7] Button Rose is the smallest size of the rose of flower species.

8] The tallest recorded rose has an maximum height over 28 feet.

9]  The petals of the rose are edible, hence used for making different cuisines or medicines.

10] The rose has oval-shaped leaves with serrated edges that are approximately half to five inches long.

Set 2] 10 Lines on Rose for school students:

1] The rose is also known as the king of all flowers.

2] It is considered a national flower by different countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Maldives.

3] The rose requires fertile and well-drained soil and a warm climate with partial or full sunlight for better growth.

4] The common features of the tree of the rose are prickles.

5] There are more than a hundred species of the rose.

6] Button rose, Andra red rose, and Edward rose are some of the commercial species of the rose under cultivation.

7] The roses are used for making perfumes, rose water, rose oil, rose creams, etc.

8] Rose syrup, Gulkand, herbal tea is some of the edible products made from roses.

9] Rose water has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Hence it is used for medicinal purposes and in cosmetics.

10] The height of the rose trees varies over species that ranges between three to seven feet.

Set 3] 10 Lines on Rose for college students:

1] The Rose is known by the scientific name of  Rosa rubiginosa.

2] It belongs to the Rosales Order and family of Rosaceae.

3] The roses can be found in a wide range of 30.000 different varieties.

4] Some of the famous species of rose over the world are Darcey rose, Chrysler Imperial, Black Baccara, Amala, red Meidiland, etc.

5] Rosa chinensis or mini rose is the species with the smallest rose flowers less than 1 inch in diameter.

6] The blooming period of many varieties of roses lies within the spring and fall season while some rose species has longer blooming season.

7] Rose flower can last for a week thus it is one of the most highly used cut flowers.

8] Top exporters of the rose flowers in world are Ecuador, Kenya, Netherlands, etc.

9] The vibrant colours of the rose attract different insects including bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds which helps to carry pollination in this plant.

10] Common diseases of the rose flowers are Powdery mildew, mosaic, black spots, crown gall, botrytis blight, etc.

Readers, thank you for taking the time and effort to read these essays on the rose flower.  We hope that you found the essays above to be informative and useful. These essays were written in an effort to use basic vocabulary that would be simple for you to recall. Use any portion of this article to aid you with your homework, projects, or exam preparation. Please let us know in the comments area if you found the information above to be useful.

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