10 Lines On Punjab National Bank In English For Children And students

Are you looking for 10 Lines on Punjab National Bank ? We have provided a depth of information for students according to their comprehension levels. We have provided the important information regarding Punjab National Bank that will aid you in remembering it. Just have a look at it, you’ll find a wealth of information regarding lines on Punjab National Bank.

10 Lines On Punjab National Bank

10 Lines On Punjab National Bank In English For Children And students

Punjab National bank is which is founded 127 years ago which headquarter is located in New Delhi, India. Let’s read more about Punjab National bank.

Set 1 – 10 Lines on Punjab National Bank for the Kids

  1. Punjab National Bank (PNB) is government bank.
  2. It is founded by Lala Lajpat Rai and Dyal Singh Majithia.
  3. Punjab National Bank is largest governments second rank bank in India.
  4. Bank made revenue of about 13 billion dollar in year 2021.
  5. The headquarter of the Punjab National Bank is located in New Delhi.
  6. The current Chief executive officer of the bank is CH S. S. Mallikarjuna Rao .
  7. It is founded in year 1894.
  8. In Punjab National Bank, there are work about 1,03.000 number of workers.
  9. United bank of India is one of the subsidiary of the Punjab National Bank.
  10. Bank has around 18 crore customers.

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Punjab National Bank for the School Students

  1. Punjab National Bank is financial service provider company owned by the government.
  2. Punjab National Bank is founded by the Dyal Singh Majithia and Lala Lajpat Rai in year 1894.
  3. The tagline of the Punjab National Bank is “The Name You can Bank Upon”.
  4. Punjab National Bank lost its Lahore headquarters when India was partitioned and Pakistan was formed, but it continued to function in Pakistan.
  5. Punjab National Bank hold Everest Bank’ 20% which is a 50- branch bank in Nepal.
  6. Universal Bank of India, founded by Ramakrishna Jain in Dalmianagar, Bihar, in 1938, was bought by Punjab National Bank in 1961.
  7. Punjab National Bank bought Bharat Bank’s 39 branches in 1951. Bharat Bank name changed to Bharat Nidhi Ltd.
  8. Nedungadi Bank’s shares had little value at the time of the combination to Punjab National Bank, and therefore its stockholders received no money for their shares.
  9. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the merger of the United Bank of India and the Oriental Bank of Commerce with Punjab National Bank in August 30, 2019.
  10. Punjab National Bank is a public sector undertaking that is governed by the Banking Regulation Act of 1949 and the Reserve Bank of India Act of 1934. It is part of the Union Government of India.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Punjab National Bank for the Higher Class Students

  1. Punjab National Bank (PNB) is government owned Indian banking company which headquarter is located in New Delhi.
  2. By the Indian Companies Act, the Punjab National Bank was established on May 19, 1894, with its headquarters in Anarkali Bazaar, Pakistan.
  3. It is the first bank in India to be founded entirely with Indian capital and to have survived to the present day.
  4. After merging with Oriental Bank of Commerce as well as United Bank of India on April 1, 2020, the bank now has over 12,248 branches with 18 crore customers.
  5. In July 19, 1969, Punjab National Bank as well as 13 other major commercial banks were nationalized by the Indian government.
  6. In 1960, Punjab National Bank relocated its headquarters from Calcutta to Delhi for the second time.
  7. In February 2018, Punjab National Bank revealed that it had discovered suspicious transactions of up to 1.77 billion dollar at only one of their locations.
  8. Outside of Lahore, India, Punjab National Bank opened its first branch in year 1900.
  9. The branches of Punjab National Bank are in Dubai, Hong Kong, Kabul Kowloon and as well as a financial services company in the United Kingdom.
  10. Many swadeshi leaders such as Bakshi Jaishi Ram, Lala Harkishen Lal, Lala Dholan Dass, Lala Lalchand, E. C. Jessawala and Kali Prosanna Roy were among the founding members of Punjab National Bank.

So Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you understand what I’ve said so far. As a conclusion, these are the 10 lines on Punjab National Bank that we offered for three different categories of students, which will help you gain a basic understanding of Punjab National Bank. This can be used for essay writing, project work, homework, speeches, and exam preparation.

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