10 Lines On Plastic Pollution In English For Children And Students

Are you kid, school or Higher Class student, looking for 10 lines on Plastic pollution, then just check it, you will get idea about Plastic pollution, their reasons, their effects, how to reduce it and how to avoid it etc. We have provided all necessary information about Plastic pollution in simple and easy language which will help you in easily understand and remember.

10 Lines On Plastic Pollution

10 Lines On Plastic Pollution In English For Children And Students

Plastic pollution is accumulation of the plastic in environment which is causes due to the large used of plastic. It is occurs by the human activities. It affects to humans as well as plants, birds, animals. It is very harmful to all living things. Lets see more about it.

Set 1 – 10 Lines on Plastic pollution for the Kids

  1. Plastic pollution is one of the man-made pollution.
  2. It is causes due to large amount accumulation of plastic in environment.
  3. It is global problem.
  4. Plastic consumption by the animals causes many health problems.
  5. It highly affects to the climate.
  6. It affects marine life as well as wild life.
  7. Lands, streams, and seas are all affected by it.
  8. When plastic burns, it toxic gases are releases such as Sulphur oxide and Nitrogen oxide.
  9. Government should restrict the use of plastic.
  10. To reduce the plastic pollution, we need to use biodegradable materials at place of plastic.

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Plastic pollution for the School Students

  1. Plastic pollution is the pollution due to accumulation of plastic in large amount which is harmful for environment.
  2. It affects living organisms, humans not only for any particular region, all world are faces this problem.
  3. The plastic accumulation in the river causes pollute to the river water.
  4. Industry largely uses plastic for products since plastic is cheaply available.
  5. Plastic pollution is also responsible for Land pollution, Air pollution and water pollution.
  6. Hazardous chemicals found in plastics include xylene, benzene and ethylene oxide.
  7. People uses plastic carry-bags to carry vegetables, groceries, food and then throws to rivers, sea but such carry-bags causes plastic pollution hence peoples should uses the cloths-bags or Paper-bags.
  8. The usage of several harmful chemicals in the production of plastic leads to an increase in illnesses and pollutants over time.
  9. As per report on 2018, Every day, India produces 18,000 tonnes of plastic garbage.
  10. Governments should take strictly action to reduce the plastic pollution such as place dustbins on side of road, send orders to factory to reduce the use of plastic.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Plastic pollution for the Higher Class Students

  1. Plastic pollution is global problem which is occurs due to large used of plastic products.
  2. Many harmful chemicals are used in the manufacture of plastic, which causes pollutants and illnesses.
  3. Plastic is made of many chemicals hence when such plastic burns then it releases harmful gases, which causes air pollution.
  4. Peoples all over the world are facing this problem.
  5. The rivers, lakes and oceans are highly polluted due to the plastic garbage gathers in water, Such water is toxic for the living organisms which consumes this water.
  6. Factories uses the plastic in large amount for product since plastic is cheaper and easily available but its results into large plastic pollution.
  7. Peoples eats foods and throw the wrapper everywhere, if this plastic consumes by any animals, then it causes health problems.
  8. Plastic stays for thousand years in the soil, making it extremely
  9. Plastic is responsible for the many living organism of birds and animal extinction.
  10. For reducing the plastic pollution, We have to reduce the daily use of plastic, replace plastics bags with cloths bags, properly decomposed the garbage.

So friends, Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve understood all mentioned above. Therefore this are the 10 lines on Plastic pollution we shared for three different category students which will help you to briefly know about Plastic pollution, their reasons, their effects, how to reduce it and how to avoid it etc. You can use this for your essay writing, project work, homework, speech and exam preparation wherever needed.

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