10 Lines On Pet Dog In English For Children And Students

Are you kid, school or Higher Class student, looking for 10 Lines On Pet Dog In English, then just check it, We have provided three sets about Lines on Pet dog in simple and easy language which will help you in easily understand and remember. Hope you will like it.

10 Lines On Pet Dog In English

10 Lines On Pet Dog In English For Children And Students

Set 1 – 10 Lines On Pet Dog In English

  1. I have a pet dog whoes name is ‘Buzo’.
  2. Buzo is of Pomeranian breed and he is 4 years old now.
  3. His color is fawn with black color mask.
  4. He is best friend.
  5. I always like to play with him.
  6. He always like to eat pedigree, biscuits and milk.
  7. I remember when he first times comes to our home. He was my gift from my dad.
  8. Buzo is very clever and lovely.
  9. Buzo protects our home from thiefs. When strangers are comes to home, Buzo starts barking then we understands that some unknown one is came.
  10. He is special for me and now he becomes our family member.

Set 2 – 10 Lines On Pet Dog In English

  1. I have my pet who is Dog and his name is ‘Rocky’ and he is of french bulldog Breed.
  2. Rocky is so lovely and friendly with everyone. Me and my friends are always play games with him.
  3. He is black in color and he is very clean since everyday he baths.
  4. He is 3 year old and from past two years he is living with me and now he is 12 inch in height and 20 kg in weight.
  5. Rocky is very cute and Brave. He follows my all orders.
  6. He is like to drink milk and eat meat and biscuits. I always like to spend time with him.
  7. He likes to playing, jumping, running. He is enjoying to play with ball.
  8. Rocky protects our homes from bad peoples and thieves even at night time therefore no one try to comes towards our home.
  9. Me and Dad are always goes to Morning walk and evening walk with Rocky.
  10. Now he is our family member, our family is bonded with him.

Set 3 – 10 Lines On Pet Dog In English

  1. My pet name is ‘Oscar’ and he is Dog.
  2. Oscar is of German Shepherd breed. He is Brown in color with black color pattern.
  3. He is 24 inch in height and 23 kg in weight. He is very cute and he likes to play in water.
  4. Oscar is my best friend. I always like to play games with him.
  5. Now he is 3 years old. We purchased it from German 2 years ago. Hence from 2 years he is living with my family.
  6. He likes to eat pedigree, fruits and drinks milk.
  7. He barks very loudly hence peoples passing from front of our homes are fears.
  8. On every sunday my friends are come to play with oscar. He is also like that.
  9. When me and friends are playing cricket, oscar helps us for finding ball and bring ball from long distance.
  10. His eyes are very shiny and he always protects our homes even at night time.

Therefore this are the 10 Lines On Pet Dog In English we shared in three different sets for students. This you can use for your essay writing, project work, homework, speech, exam preparation wherever needed.

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