10 Lines On Mahanadi River For Children And Students

10 Lines On Mahanadi River Are you in search of a 10-line essay on a well-known Mahanadi River? Here, in this article, you will get three separate 10-line essays on the Mahanadi River. These are divided into three age groups i.e., children, high school students, and college students. To get more information about the Mahanadi River, read all three essays.

10 Lines On Mahanadi River

10 Lines On Mahanadi River For Children And Students

Here we have provided a lot of information about the Mahanadi River, that includes its origin, length, cultural significance, tributary rivers, and so on.

Mahanadi is one of the major rivers in the Indian peninsula and the 8th longest river in India. It majorly flows through the Odissa and Chhattisgarh states and falls into the Bay of Bengal at Cuttack. The river adds much importance to the lives of its inhibitors as it acts as a major source of water for them.

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Set 1] 10 Lines On Mahanadi For Children:

1] The ‘Mahanadi’ stands for the ‘Great River’ as the ‘Maha’ and the ‘River’ indicates the river.

2] It is the major river of the central and eastern areas of India that flows over 858 KM.

3] The river falls into the Bay of Bengal at the false point in Cuttack district.

4]The river rises and falls within the boundaries of the same nation i.e., India.

5] The Mahanadi is also referred as Kanak Nandini, Nilotpala, Chitrotpala, Mahananda.

6] River water is used for irrigation, fisheries, and other purposes.

7] Hirakud, the world’s largest earthen dam is located on the bank of the Mahanadi River.

8] The river does the largest slit deposition than other rivers in India.

9] The river also causes the danger of floods in Orissa mostly in rainy seasons.

10] The river has an average discharge rate of 1,895 m3/sec.

Set 2] 10 Lines On Mahanadi For School Students:

1] In India, the Mahanadi River ranks eighth in length.

2] The river starts from the Sihava mountains located in a Chhattisgarh district.

3] From its origin, the Mahanadi flows over 851 Km, where it falls into the Bay of Bengal.

4] Few of the major tributaries of the Mahanadi are Seonath, Jonk, Hasdo, Mand, Ong.

5] Mahanadi majorly flows through the Chhattisgarh and Odissa states and also has a small portion in Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh.

6] The river has 54,672 sq.mi of basin area and covers 4.28% of the total area of the nation.

7] The river bank is home to many cities like Sambalpur, Kantilo, Cuttack, Rajim, Sonepur, etc.

8] Bali Jatra is the famous festival celebrated in Cuttack on the bank of Mahanadi on the day of Kartik Purnima.

9] The river is also used to run hydroelectric power plants for the generation of electricity.

10] The river is the lifeline of the state of Chhattisgarh.

Set 3] 10 Lines On Mahanadi For College Students:

1] Mahanadi is the Indian river that majorly flows through the Chhattisgarh and Orissa states.

2] The river Mahanadi is the third largest river in the Indian Peninsula.

3] Mahanadi typically receives 66.9 billion kilolitres of discharge each year.

4] The Eastern Ghats, the Maikala range, and the Central India Hills make up the Mahanadi basin’s borders.

5] The river originates at 890 m above sea level from the Sihava mountains in Chhattisgarh.

6] The river has 4,672 sq.mi of basin area (8th largest basin among rivers in India) which covers around 4.28% of the total area of our country.

7] The river also has great religious importance as there are many religious temples situated near the bank of the Mahanadi.

8] An area of around 9000 km2 is covered by the arcuate-shaped Mahanadi delta on India’s east coast.

9] The release of industrial and municipal waste is the major cause of the pollution of the Mahanadi River.

10] State and central governments are taking several steps and activities to control the pollution of the Mahanadi but we are also responsible to keep our rivers clean.

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