10 Lines On Hooghly River For Children And Students

10 Lines On Hooghly River Are you searching for a 10-line essay on the well-known river Hooghly? Here, we have shared 3 different sets with a pack of information about the river Hooghly. The 3 categories are based on the understanding of the level of kids, school students and higher school students.

10 Lines On Hooghly River

10 Lines On Hooghly River For Children And Students

Hooghly is a Brach of the holy river Ganges also known by another name ‘Bhagirathi’ It flows through west Bengal and falls into the Bay of Bengal. The river added much importance to the development of the riverside regions. A lot of people rely on the river for their livelihood thus it seems to be a lifeline for them.

Here you will get a lot of information about Hooghly that contains its origin, tributary rivers, importance in local culture, etc.

Set1] 10 Lines On Hooghly River For Children:

1] Hooghly is a branch of the holy Ganga, often known as the Ganges River.

2] At the Farakka Barrage in Murshidabad District, it diverges from the Ganges to become a canal.

3] The Hooghly Falls near Sundarbans on the Bay of Bengal.

4] One of the lifelines for the inhabitants of West Bengal is the Hooghly River.

5] The Bengali people rely heavily on the river as a source of food because it is home to large numbers of fish.

6] The Hooghly River gives west Bengal’s Hooghly city its name.

7] For Hindus, it is one of the holiest rivers because they think that its water is sacred.

8] On the sacred Hooghly riverbed, there are numerous temples.

9] Several devotees take a holy dip in the river during auspicious festivals since it is a sacred river.

10] The Hooghly River is most at risk from pollution because of the massive amount of untreated industrial effluents that are discharged into the river basin.

Set2] 10 Lines On Hooghly River For School Students:

1] It is a river in India’s West Bengal that is also spelt Hooghly.

2] The river’s maximum length is 260 kilometres, and its deepest point is 117 metres.

3] It enters an old Ganges canal at Nurpur before turning south to drain into the Gulf of Bengal.

4] Damodar and Rupnarayan are two of Hooghly’s well-known tributaries.

5] On the banks of the Hooghly River, one of the most economically advanced districts is called Hooghly.

6] River water is utilised for human consumption, industrial consumption, and agriculture.

7] The Bhagirathi-Hooghly River is also part of a national waterway NW1.

8] The river is also used for fishing by the locals who live along its route. The river is home to around 260 different types of fish.

9] The Hooghly River’s basin and banks have sandy loam to clayey soil, and the main crops grown there are rice, wheat, and potatoes.

10] The Battle of Plassey, a significant conflict in Indian history, took place close to the Hooghly River.

Set3] 10 Lines On Hooghly River For College Students:

1] It is a river in north India that flows in the state of west Bengal.

2] It is formed near Murshidabad, where the Ganga divides into two pieces, one of which flows through Bangladesh and is known as the Padma. The Hooghly River is the other portion.

3] From its separation from Ganga, the river branch is known as Bhagirathi, And after entering Hooghly city, the river is further recognized by the name ‘Hooghly’.

4] The rivers Haldi, Ajay, Falgu, Jalangi, Rupnarayan, Churni, Mayurakshi, and Damodar are among those that get significant tributaries.

5] The Hooghly is one of India’s greatest industrial areas in part because the river supplies a significant volume of water for industrial use.

6] The Hooghly and Haldi rivers meet at the Haldia port, India’s fourth-largest port, which is located there.

7] There are numerous bridges built across rivers, such as the Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu, Jubilee Bridge, and others.

8] Cities along the river include Saptagram, Kalyani, Tribeni, Durgapur, Hugli, and Baharampur.

9] The well-known holy site of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple is on the banks of the Hooghly River.

10] In the areas close to the Hooghly River basin, Durga Puja is a significant celebration.

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