10 Lines On Hibiscus Flower In English For Children And Students

10 Lines On Hibiscus Flower In English Looking for a hibiscus flower essay? Here are three distinct 10-line essays about the lovely hibiscus flower. These three essays were created for three separate student age groups.

10 Lines On Hibiscus Flower In English

10 Lines On Hibiscus Flower In English For Children And Students

Each set is filled with several interesting details about the hibiscus flower. It covers a variety of topics, including its shape, colours, well-known species, applications, fascinating facts, and more. Start reading one article that you find to be appropriate, or read all three sets to learn more about the hibiscus flower.

Hibiscus has different variety of flowering plant species; each has vibrant colours and attractive shapes. These flowers have large size of petals that makes trumpet-like shape. It is used for many purposes like medicinal, skincare, food, etc. The plant hibiscus can be easily cultivated from seeds and cuttings.

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Set 1] 10 lines on the Hibiscus flower for kids:

1] The completely bloomed hibiscus flower is trumpet-shaped with a longer tube-shaped style at the centre.

2] The hibiscus is found in different shades that include red, yellow, white, pink, orange, etc.

3] The fully bloomed hibiscus flower has a diameter ranging between 5 to 25 cm.

4] Typically a hibiscus flower has 5 petals overlapped over each other and five small sepals.

5] All parts of the hibiscus flowers are edible.

6] The hibiscus flower is considered a symbol of happiness and positive energy.

7] The flowers of hibiscus can be consumed fresh or dried. It is used as an ingredient for making salads, soups, tea, etc.

8] These plants have serrated wide leaves that are 8 to 10 cm in diameter.

9] The bright colours of the hibiscus flowers attract different insects including bees, hummingbirds, etc.

10] Hibiscus flowers are also used for curing different ailments.

Set 2] 10 lines on the Hibiscus flower for school students:

1] The hibiscus is known by different names like agua de Jamaica in Mexico, orhul in India, etc.

2] The different species of the hibiscus are considered native to countries India, China, Hawaii, Mauritius, etc.

3] The hibiscus is considered a national flower in Haiti.

4] The height of the hibiscus varies over species that ranges from 3 feet to 12 feet.

5] Some of the species of hibiscus bloom around the year while some species are seasonal.

6] The time taken by hibiscus to grow from seed to flowering plant varies from species to species. It may take half to 2 years for the first bloom.

7] Hibiscus plants require slightly acidic soil, adequate moisture, and partial to full sunlight for their growth.

8] Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the species most common and widely cultivated in India.

9] The extract of the hibiscus flower is used for curing different ailments.

10] The hibiscus flower can self-pollinate as it contains both stamen and pistil in a single flower.

Set 3] 10 lines on the Hibiscus flower for college students:

1] Hibiscus is a scientific name of the genus that contains a variety of flowering plants.

2] In scientific classification, it belongs to the order of Malvales and the family of Malvaceae.

3] There are more than 200 species of flowers belonging to the genus Hibiscus.

4] Rose mallow also known as Hibiscus moscheutos is the species of hibiscus with the largest size of flowers.

5] Dwarf Hibiscus is the species with the smallest hibiscus plant that grows up to a height of 2 to 3 feet.

6] Typically bloom of the hibiscus lasts for a single day only.

7] The pollination in hibiscus is carried by insects that include bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

8] Roselle is a variety of hibiscus that serves different medicinal benefits.

9] Hibiscus oil also has great importance in skin care treatments.

10] Some of the popular species that belong to the hibiscus are Giant Rose Mallow, China Rose, Blue Bird, Rock Hibiscus, Abelmosk, Rose Mallow, etc.

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