10 lines On Giraffe In English For Children And Students

10 lines On Giraffe In English Readers, are you searching for the 10-line essay on the tallest animal giraffe? Here we have three different sets of 10-line essays on giraffes for you. The three different sets are based on the understanding level of the different age groups of the students. Choose the right one for you and start the reading or read all three essays if you want to collect more information about the giraffe.

10 lines On Giraffe In English

10 lines On Giraffe In English For Children And Students

Below we have provided much information about giraffes including their appearance, habitats, diet, interesting features, and much more.

Giraffe is the tallest terrestrial animal and the fourth biggest mammal in the world. It is an herbivore animal and depends mostly on trees for its survival. Despite being such a huge animal it is calm.

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Set 1] 10 Lines on the Giraffe for Kids:

1] Giraffe is the tallest wild animal in the world.

2] The amazing fact about this animal is that it has a shorter body and longer legs and neck.

3] The longer neck of giraffes helps them to reach over the taller trees to eat leaves and fruits.

4] The giraffe has Orange to dark brown patches which are separated by white color stripes.

5] The height of a giraffe can range from 4.5 to 5.9 meters.

6] The legs of a giraffe are much stronger as the kick of a giraffe can easily kill the lion.

7] Giraffes can live up to 25 years.

8] Giraffes spend most of their time eating, they eat around 34 kg of food in a day.

9] Giraffes are mostly found in grasslands in Africa.

10] The giraffe stomach is made up of 4 compartments for digesting food with rich fibers.

Set 2] 10 Lines on the Giraffe for school students:

1] Giraffe is considered the tallest among terrestrial animals and the fourth largest mammal in the world.

2] The country Tanzania has considered the Masai giraffe as its national animal.

3] The neck of the giraffe is stronger is around 2 to 3 m long and weighs about 500 to 600 lb.

4] These are herbivorous animal that mainly depends on grass, leaves, fruits, and twigs for their diet.

5] As they mainly depend on trees for their diet, they perform the role of primary consumers in their food chain.

6] Giraffes are highly populated in the region of countries Namibia and South Africa.

7] These animals are calm and rarely fights with each other by heating their neck on each other.

8] The giraffe is majorly hunted by lions, thus the lions are the major predators of giraffes.

9] As per the IUCN red list subspecies Nubian giraffes are critically endangered while the subspecies Rothschild giraffes are endangered.

10] The horns of giraffes are known as ossicones are made up of bones covered with skin.

Set 3] 10 Lines on the Giraffe for college students:

1] The giraffe has the scientific name of Giraffa Camelopardalis.

2] It belongs to the order Artiodactyla and the family of Giraffes.

3] There are a total of 9 subspecies of giraffes.

4] Over the world there are around approximately 31000 giraffes are left in the forest.

5] The giraffe can run at an average speed of 55 km per hour with the help of their long legs.

6] In natural habitat the giraffe generally takes a nap while in a standing position to save themselves from getting attacked by predators.

7] Most of the water requirement of the giraffe is fed through the herbs thus giraffe can stay without drinking water for a few days.

8] The gestation period in giraffes ranges between 13 to 15 months and generally gives single offspring at a time.

9] For the first 6 months the offspring depends on the mother’s milk and the next onward the baby giraffe starts eating solid food.

10] Due to the long legs it becomes difficult to reach them down to drink water. Giraffe has to spread their front legs to drink water.

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