10 lines On Flax flower In English For Children And Students

10 lines On Flax flower In English You’re looking for a ten-line essay on a flax flower, right? Here, you’ll find three different essays about flax flowers. The three distinct essays were created in response to the interests of students in various age groups.

10 lines On Flax flower In English

10 lines On Flax flower In English For Children And Students

Each essay contains information on several features, such as its shape, colour, usage, various species, and more.

Flax flowers, famously known as linseed flowers are bowl-shaped flowers with pale blue petals. These flowering plants are cultivated for thousands of years for getting oil and fibre. These elegant flowers are also used for making flower bouquets or for other decorative purposes. The oil extracted from flax seed has different health benefits and helps to fight different illness conditions.

Keep reading to know more about flax flowers.

Set 1] 10 lines on the Flax flower for kids:

1] Flax flower is a bowl-shaped flower with radially spread petals.

2] The flax flower typically has pale blue colour while some of the species have pink or white colours.

3] The fully bloomed flower measures half to one inch in diameter.

4] The flex flower has 5 petals and 5 light green sepals.

5] The flax plant has edible flowers and seeds.

6] These flowers symbolize domestication and purity.

7] The oil extracted from flaxseed is edible and has several health benefits.

8] These plants have elongated leaves with an average length of 0.8 to 1.6 inches.

9] This flower attracts different insects like Honeybees, hoverflies, butterflies, mini wasps, etc.

10] The fibres from the falx flowers are also used for making clothes and ropes.

Set 2] 10 lines on the Flax flower for school students:

1] The flax flowers are also identified by another name linseed flowers.

2] The flax flower plant is considered native to North America and South America.

3] Common flax is considered a national flower of the Republic of Belarus.

4] Height of this flowering plant varies over species that ranges between 3 to 4 feet.

5] The blooming season of the flax flower lasts from spring to summer.

6] In India, the flax is known as an Alsi or Atasi, which has religious importance in festivals or Durga puja.

7] The flax requires quickly drained and fertile sandy soil and cool climate condition for their growth.

8] Flax is also cultivated for getting a fibre that is comparatively stronger than cotton fibre.

9] The extract of the leaves of blue flax is used for curing skin irritation.

10] The different parts of flex plants are used for different businesses i.e., oil, ropes and clothes, paper, etc.

Set 3] 10 lines on the Flax flower for college students:

1] The flax flower has the scientific name of Linum usitatissimum.

2] In scientific classification, this flowering plant belongs to the order of
Malpighiales and family of Linaceae.

3] The flax flower has more than 200 varieties.

4] The bloom of the flax flowers lasts for a single day.

5] Hesperolinon disjunctum is the species of flax with the smallest flower.

6] China is considered a top cultivator of flax flowers for getting flax seed oil.

7] Flax is self-pollinator while cross-pollination in this plant occurs due to the insects.

8] Linum medium commonly known as Stiff Yellow Flax is considered a threat due to the destruction of natural habitat.

9] Some of the top cultivators of flax flowers are Russia, China, Canada, Kazakhstan, the USA, India, Argentina, etc.

10] Some of the popular species of flex flowers are Linum Perenne, Linum Narbonense, Linum Lewisii, Linum Perenne Appar, Linum Perenne Sapphire.

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