10 Lines On Daisy Flower In English For Children And Students

10 Lines On Daisy Flower In English Hey friends, are you here to find the 10-line essay on the well-known daisy flower? Here we have provided three different sets of essays for the daisy flowers. These three essays are written for different age groups of students. Find a suitable set of essays for you and continue reading.

10 Lines On Daisy Flower In English

10 Lines On Daisy Flower In English For Children And Students

For getting more information about the daisy, read all sets of essays. Each of the sets is fed with much information about the topic including its appearance, uses, habitat, culture, etc.

The daisy is a common name used for thousands of species under the family of Asteraceae. The flowers of these plants are more elegant, and thus widely used in cut flower businesses. There is a wide variety of species of daisies spread all over the world, present in natural habitats or cultivated in gardens.

Read further to get more about the daisy flower.

Set 1] 10 Lines on the daisy flower for children:

1] Daisy is an elegant flower that typically appears as a central disc surrounded by radial petals.

2] The different species of daisy flower have different colours that include, white, yellow, pink, burgundy, red, blue, and orange.

3] The size of the daisy flower ranges from the diameter of 1 inch to 2 inches.

4] Each of the daisy flowers typically has 15 to 30 petals.

5] The petals of these flowers are edible and thus uses in different cuisines.

6] These flowers are considered a symbol of innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and happiness.

7] The petals of the daisy flower are also used for the preparation of herbal tea.

8] The leaves of this plant are 7 cm to 15 cm long and have a shape like a spoon.

9] This plant attracts different insects like honeybees, butterflies, etc.

10] The daisy flower plants are generally used for gardening, and cut flower business.

Set 2] 10 Lines on the daisy flower for school students:

1] The daisy flower also known as Mary’s rose has a central disc surrounded by a single round of petals.

2] These flowers are considered native to Europe and Asian countries.

3] Denmark choose the marguerite daisy as their national flower.

4] Based on the different species, the height of the daisy plants varies from a few inches to several feet.

5] Th blooming season of these flowers is in the spring and fall seasons.

6] Gloriosa, chrysanthemum daisy is the species that blooms in India.

7] These plants require higher moisture with fast-drain soil and high sunlight.

8] The common daisy is well-known species of daisy with yellow discs and white petals.

9] The daisy flower is used as an ingredient for different skin care products like toners, serums, etc.

10] These flowers have high demand in the cut flower business for making attractive bouquets.

Set 3] 10 Lines on the daisy flower for college students:

1] The scientific name for the daisy flower is Bellis perennis.

2] The daisy flower belongs to the order Asterales and the family of Asteraceae.

3] There are around more than 20 thousand different species of daisy flower.

4] The Becky Shasta daisy is a species of daisy that has large size flowers.

5] In daisies, pollination is carried out by the bees and butterflies.

6] Bellium minutum is the species of daisy that has the smallest flowers that size up to ½ inches.

7] Willamette daisy also known as Erigeron decumbens is a species of daisy considered endangered because of the loss of habitat by an increase in agriculture.

8] The different species of daisies are spread over the entire world including arctic regions.

9] Shasta, coneflowers, gerbera, gloriosa are some of the popular species of daisy flowers.

10] Gerbera an export quality daisy species can last up to 2 to 3 years of lifespan.

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