10 Lines On Butterfly In English For Children And Students

10 Lines On Butterfly In English Hello students, are you looking for a 10-line essay on a well-known insect, the butterfly? You will find three separate sets of 10-line essays on butterflies here. The sets are arranged according to the student’s different levels. Let’s pick the best set for you, or if you want to learn more about the subject, read all of them.

10 Lines On Butterfly In English

10 Lines On Butterfly In English For Children And Students

Here you will find information about butterflies in several areas like as appearance, diet, use for people, population, and so on.

Butterflies are one of the fascinating insects that spread almost all over the world except Antarctica. These beautiful insects evolve through different interesting life stages. It has larger wings with different shapes and vibrant colours.

Keep reading to know more about the butterflies.

Set 1] 10 Lines on the butterfly for children:

1] Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects in the world.

2] Body parts of butterflies consist of the abdomen, wings, antennae, thorax, eyes, hind wing, wing veins, etc.

3] The size and shape of the butterflies vary over species that ranges between 1 cm to 30 cm.

4] The butterfly relies on flowers for their diet which includes Nectar and Pollen.

5] Butterflies have their straw-shaped proboscis to drink nectar from flowers.

6] The butterflies are considered a symbol of spirit and immortality in Greek culture.

7] Butterfly species have an average life ranging between 2-4 weeks or less.

8] Butterflies are also one of the major pollinators for different crops over the world.

9] The butterfly carries the pollen grain stick to their body from one flower to another flower.

10] Butterflies have test buds on their legs; thus, they stand on the flowers to taste them.

Set 2] 10 Lines on the butterfly for school students:

1] Butterflies are insects with large and beautifully coloured wings.

2] Since 1990, butterflies are considered national insects of the United States.

3] Major habitats of the butterflies are Forests, wetlands, and treeless regions.

4] As these insects rely on flowers for their diet, they are considered primary consumers in their food chain.

5] The bright colours of the butterflies help them to save from predators and also help to attract their mates.

6] Butterflies also have 6 legs that are attached to the thorax.

7] The different shades of the butterflies depend on the pigments like melanin, ommachrome, pterin, etc.

8] The common colours of the butterflies are yellow, grey, brown, black, white, orange, etc.

9] These are among the top pollinators in the world that help with the formation of new seeds of vegetables and fruits.

10] Some of the endangered species of butterflies are Lycaeides melissa Samuels, Neonympha mitchellii francisci, and Strymon acis bartrami.

Set 3] 10 Lines on the butterfly for college students:

1] The butterfly has the scientific name Rhopalocera.

2] It belongs to the order Lepidoptera and the family Hedyloidea.

3] Butterflies are of a wide variety of species that are over Almost 17,500 – 20,000.

4] Butterflies have a four-stage life cycle, which are egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, and Butterfly. The process takes around a month to form a butterfly from an egg.

5] One of the amazing facts about butterflies is that butterflies rely on their feet to taste food.

6] Some of the predators of the butterflies are dragonflies, robber flies, lizards, birds, mantises, etc.

7] There are around 1500 different types of butterfly species found in India.

8] Common flowers in India that attract the butterflies most are sunflower, marigold, lantana, petunia, hibiscus, etc.

9] Ornithoptera alexandrae is the species of largest butterflies While Western pygmy blue is the species with tiny butterflies.

10] Some of the species are endangered due to the reasons like loss of habitat, use of pesticides in crops, climate changes, etc.

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